Events Who’ve Hired Me

Teaching Experience

2015 December: Bluesli – a solo workshop, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 December: Blues Baby Blues – solo track, Head Competition Judge, London, UK
2015 November: Paris Blues w/Andrew Smith, Paris, France
2015 November: Stir-It, Lindy & Blues Workshop w/Lucas Weismann, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 October: Bargin’ into the Blues, Private lessons and DJ, Manchester, UK
2015 October: Drag the Blues w/Lucas Weismann, Barcelona, Spain
2015 September: Bambloozled w/Ted Maddry, Washington, DC
2015 September: Solo Blues Workshop, Winnipeg, Canada
2015 September: Follow-Up, Follow Focused workshop w/Jenny Sowden, San Francisco, CA
2015 May: Solo & Partnered Blues Workshop w/Laney Barhaugh in Minneapolis, Minnesota
2015 March: Steel City Blues w/John Joven, Pittsburgh
2014 October: Oberlin College Blues Workshop w/Andrew Smith, Oberlin, Ohio
2014 September: Blues Lady Blues, Solo Blues Dance, London, UK
2014 August: Partnered and Solo Blues Dance, Seattle Washington

~ (updates pending!)

2012 March: Granite City Blues, Aberdeen Scotland
2012 February: Teaching at European Blues Invasion, London
2012 January: Weekend Workshop with Ted Maddry in San Francisco. Month-long teaching and DJ contracts at Friday Night Blues, Beat the Blues and Shades of Blues
2012 January: Teaching at San Francisco Fusion Exchange with Ted Maddry, Justin Riley, Brenda Russell, Heidi Fite
2011 November: Teaching at Camp Blues in San Francisco with Ted Maddry
2011 October: Curriculum Development and Teaching at Off Grid Blues, MO
2011 June-November: Leading an ongoing intermediate+ practice group and private lessons in Chicago
2011 June: CUBE: the Chicago Underground Blues Experience, an annual Blues weekend
2011 May: Weekend Workshop with John Joven in Austin, TX
2011 March: Teaching at Urban Blues Recess in Portland Oregon
2011 January: Teaching at the Boston Fusion Exchange with John Joven
2010 October: Weekend Workshop with John Joven in Madison, WI
2010 June: CUBE: the Chicago Underground Blues Experience, an annual Blues weekend.
2010 January-June: Taught monthly workshops in Chicago (with John Joven) for beginning and intermediate dancers.
2010 January: Guest instructor (with Ruth Hoffman) and DJ at Shades of Blues in San Francisco
2010 January: Guest instructor (with Tim O’Neil and Whitton Frank) at Blues Kitchen in Los Angeles
2010 January: Taught “Fox-Blues” with Lucky Skillen at San Diego Fusion Exchange
2009: Offered weekly classes and monthly workshops in Chicago.
2008-2009 December-February: 3-month stint at Friday Night Blues as Operations Manager, Teacher and DJ
2008 September: Bluetopia, Chicago’s Monthly Blues Dance launches. Offer monthly intro classes and manage DJs.
2008 April: Began offering intermediate and beginning classes in Blues Dance in Chicago
2008 February-March: Five week teaching and performance tour in the UK for Ceroc with Lucky Skillen, teaching at Utopia, Swish, Storm and two specialist workshops focusing on Blues and Tango
2007 September-November: Seven-week teaching and performing tour in England and Scotland with Lucky Skillen, teaching BLues and Swing for Ceroc, the international Modern Jive Organization. We taught at Bliss, Breeze, Blaze and Splash as well as two specialist workshops!
2007 Attended the “Get Together” in Philadelphia – a dance retreat for instructors, hosted by Andrew Sutton, Brenda Russell and Friday Night Blues founder, Mihai Banlescu
2007 continued coordination of CUBE 07